The African Health Care Marketplace by Panseh Tsewole

Healthcare in Africa is a broad issue with many tough problems to tackle. With over 50 countries on the continent, Panseh Tsewole foresees that coordinating sweeping, lasting healthcare improvements will need to be an effort between African nations.

Key to progressing the state of healthcare in Africa is beginning to train, educate, and retain doctors, nurses, researchers, and other medical personnel right in the continent, rather than relying on help from abroad. Panseh Tsewole believes that African nations would do well to use the aid received from abroad to open medical institutions, research facilities, and schools on the continent.

As well, Panseh Tsewole encourages implementing various effective and sustainable healthcare systems throughout Africa is going to be necessary to keep costs under control and come to a point where African nations can afford to provide healthcare to their citizens.

Panseh Tsewole says it is also imperative that the public become better educated on ways to stop the spread of illnesses and diseases common throughout Africa. This is one of the most basic-level things that can be done to improve healthcare in Africa; declined rates of infection and disease would make it easier for African nations to handle the healthcare of its citizens. Panseh Tsewole opines the more sick citizens African nations have to care for, the more burdensome and financially difficult the task becomes.